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It's amazing how many relatives one can actually have. And that our house was picked for the festivities this year at Christmas. Honestly, I had to get out just to get some fresh air! Of course, Harry had been invited to Ron's for the day, and to put any more visitors on Mrs. Weasley's plate would have been a bit overdue for her, so I visited the center instead. It was packed! I eventually had to go back, though, or risk being moaned at for pulling a vanishing act.

Still, the morning was eventful. Catching a phone snatcher and seemingly running into Dante again was nice. We have a habit of that, don't we? Still, it's nice to hear from you now and then.

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Is there a point where you study too much? I think I've hit it. I'm slightly... well, bored. I have nothing of interest to do. Christmas seems like it'll be the usual family get-together with small talk, but - it'd be nice for a change from the annual tradition, even if that sounds... odd.

Not that I'm ungrateful. Just... a change.

Like from studying.

I should go out somewhere.

all hallow's eve.

Halloween was the usual afair. Children running all over the place, adults joining in - everything seemed pretty calm. Things have been teetering on the rocks since. Perhaps something else will happen.

... that aside, it was good to see you again, Dante.